Clorador Salino Salt & Swim 2.0 Hayward
Clorador Salino Salt & Swim 2.0 Hayward
Clorador Salino Salt & Swim 2.0 Hayward - Q-Tech ®

Salt & Swim 2.0 Salt Chlorinator - Hayward

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Salt & Swim 2.0 is a new generation salt chlorinator from Hayward.

For what type of pools?

- It is easily installed both in new pools or existing one. For all type of pools and surfaces.

- 3 models:

  • SASV16CEU 16gr/h/cl - up to 75m3
  • SASV22CEU 22gr/h/cl - up to 100m3
  • SASV33CEU 33gr/h/cl - up to 150m3


- Changes color depending on the selected setting, even when chlorine is produced with or without the cover activated.

* Blue: chlorine generation.
* Green: superchlorination activated.
* Purple: pool shutter closed and programmable chlorine generation.

- Salt chlorinator covering a wide range of chlorine production: 16, 22 y 33 g/h.

- Self cleaning cell with transparent cell for visual checks on production (8.000 hours warranty).

- Gas detector included as standard.

- 5 levels possible of chlorine production (20, 40, 60, 80, 100%)

- Cell installation in a vertical position, on by-pass, at the highest point of the installations.

- 2 years WARRANTY.


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