Equipo Oxilife de color verde de la marca Sugar Valley. Desinfecta el agua a través de Hidrólisis y Electrólisis de baja salinidad de la marca Sugar Valley
Equipo Dimensiones del equip Oxilife de color verde de la marca Sugar Valley. Desinfecta el agua a través de Hidrólisis y Electrólisis de baja salinidad de la marca Sugar Valley
Oxilife: Hidrólisis + Electrólisis baja salinidad de Sugar Valley - Q-Tech ® ejemplo de instalación

Oxilife: Hydrolysis and low salinity electrolysis from Sugar Valley

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Oxilife from Sugar Valley employs two disinfection methods for perfect water sterilization, without needing to add any type of chemical. The hydrolysis breaks the water molecule (H2O) in hydrogen and oxygen (H and O), thus generating disinfection agents based on oxygen (O3, O2, OH·, H2O2…). It also uses low Salinity electrolysis (> 1.5 g of salt / liter) for the generation of residual chlorine.

For what type of pools?

- It can be easily installed in new or existing pools. It adapts to all types of pools and linings.

- Four versions:

  • Oxilife OX 0 - up to 20m3 (water up to 28ºC)
  • Oxilife OX 1 - up to 60m3 (water up to 28ºC)
  • Oxilife OX 2 - up to 120m3 (water up to 28ºC)
  • Oxilife OX 3 - up to 150m3 (water up to 28ºC)

Operating principle: 


Water is composed of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen (H2O). At its roots, the word ‘hydrolysis’ means decomposition by reaction with water. The process of hydrolysis generates hydrogen and oxygen by means of electricity and water.

When an electric current passes through water, it breaks chemical bonds, the negative charges or oxygen ions emigrate to the positive electrode (anode) and the positively charged hydrogen ions are attracted to the negative electrode (cathode). The following decomposition reaction occurs:

Electrical energy + 2H2O --> 2H2 + O2

As a result, this produces an extra negative element because there is one more electron (electrical energy) in the combination than there are protons. Now there is a single negatively charged hydroxide, known as a hydroxyl ion (OH-).

Various secondary reactions occur during hydrolysis which also produce ionic species with oxidizing and disinfecting activity, such as ozone (O3), monoatomic oxygen (O1) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

The circuitry of our electronics transforms the current (220 V, 50 Hz) into a low-voltage, high-amperage direct current. This current is fed to some special titanium electrodes that are surface activated with noble metals, the electrodes are submerged in water as it circulates through a purpose-designed device.

The surfaces of these insoluble electrodes generate a combination of the most powerful oxidizing agents available for water disinfection, dismissing the need for chemical products.

If we incorporate a small amount of salt in the treatment (1 - 2 g of salt per litre of water), whether to cover a lack of conductivity or in order to generate a tangible residual level, the system will also generate a residual level of chlorine via low-salinity electrolysis. The products are generated, act, decompose and are then regenerated. The residual disinfectant produced by electrolysis does not cause any detrimental effects to the eyes, skin or indeed the health of swimmers. There is no need to worry about insufficient salt in the water, as the system would continue to disinfect in hydrolysis mode. Chlorine generated by the electrolysis process destroys organic matter and pathogens in the water, before finally transforming back into sodium chloride (common salt).


- Self cleaning cell

- 8.000h warranty

- Polarity change programming 

- PVC transparent support

- Security sensor included

- Production control: From 0 to 100%

- Alarms: low conductivity, lack of flow, dosing ph, excessive ph out of range, ph maximum dosing time. 

- Main control outputs: filtration control, lighting control and heating control. 

- 4 additional relay outputs configurable by the user


Technical Datasheet

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