Clorador Salino Hidrolife de Sugar Valley
Clorador Salino Hidrolife de Sugar Valley
Clorador Salino Hidrolife de Sugar Valley

Hidrolife Salt Chlorinator - Sugar Valley

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The Sugar Valley Hidrolife works on the basis of saline electrolysis, in which sodium hypochlorite is automatically made locally in slightly saline water (>3gr NaCl/litre) for water disinfection. Dissolving salt (NaCl) in water produces sodium and chloride ions. The titanium electrolysis cells transform these ions into sodium hypochlorite. As a result, the use of chlorine is totally eliminated. Salt concentration may range from 3 to 100 grams NaCl/litre. The sodium hypochlorite disinfects the water, removes unpleasant odours from bound chlorine (chloramines) and eliminates other irritating physical effects caused by the use of chlorine, such as red eyes or dry skin.

For which type of pools? 

- It is installed easily in both new and existing pools. All type of pools and coats. 

- Models:

  • Hidrolife Sal 16 - up to 65m3
  • Hidrolife Sal 22 - up to 110m3
  • Hidrolife Sal 33 - up to 200m3
  • Hidrolife Sal 50 - up to 300m3

Why the Sugar Valley Hidrolife?

• Totally eliminates the use of chlorine.
• Guarantees a healthier and more enjoyable bathing experience.
• Unique water treatment concept.
• Considerable improvement in pool-water quality.
• Generates chlorine from salt dissolved in the pool water.
• Eliminates the need to buy/use chemicals.
• Simplifies maintenance.
• Works with just 3 grams of salt per litre for optimal operation.

• Complete your installation with:

- pH Kit,
- RX kit (chlorine kit),

(available accessories. Ask for prices if you cannot find an accessory).


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