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CTX Constant flow peristaltic dosing pump

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Peristaltic pump with a flow adjustment setting from 0 to 100%.

Dimensions: 137 x 90 x 109 mm. 

The flow is controlled by adjusting the speed of the motor from a potentiometer on the front of the pump. It has an ON/OFF switch and a LED display that lights up green when the pump is working. The casing has a bearing so that the shaft is better supported.

Ideal for: Private pools.

Added value: Peristaltic pumps are ideal for pumping chemical products. Furthermore, MyPool pumps are both cheaper to manufacture and maintain than other pumps thanks to their simple design and advanced technology.

Recommended use: It is recommended that the Santoprene hose be changed annually so that it retains sufficient elasticity.

It is also recommended that the rotor and any other moving parts that are subject to wear and tear be oiled regularly.


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