Bomba de velocidad variable [e] Winner 300 de Saci Pumps

[e] Winner PRO variable speed swimming pool pump

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[e] Winner PRO swimming pool pump with speed drive from Saci Pumps.

New range of pool pumps compound by the new inverter [e] Winner PRO and the new high efficiency synchronous motors with permanent magnets.

The combination of these two innovative technologies designed and developed entirely by SACI PUMPS, assure us energy savings up to 82% compared to the traditional pumps.

Energy Saving up to 82% 

Features [e] Winner PRO:

• Incorporates a specially developed software for automation of the [e] winner pump with an easy and intuitive programming. Any technical knowledge is required from the user to program it.

• Very significant energy savings that can reach more than 82% of the energy cost.

• Extremely silent (≈ 40 dB).

• Total adaptability, speed range from 400 rpm to 2,850 rpm. The pump automatically sets to the point of maximum savings

• Great versatility, one single model to any size of pool from 15 m3 to 450 m3. Not necessary to have different pumps, our [e] winner is able to control filtration, fountains, backwashing and vacuuming in any situation.

• New IPM sensor less brushless motor with permanent magnets, which reduces the engine temperature and extends the life of bearings and mechanical parts.

• High Protection, the parameters set during programming protect your pump, installation, filter and users.

• Integrated connectivity to manage salt chlorinator, heat pump, lights, etc.

• Large LCD display where all necessary information is clearly reflected.

Nueva gama de bombas de piscina que incorporan el nuevo variador de frecuencia [e]Winner y motores síncronos con imanes permanentes de altísima eficiencia energética.


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