BIONET: Electrólisis salina + Ionización Cu/Ag Sugar Valley - Q-Tech ®
BIONET: Electrólisis salina + Ionización Cu/Ag Sugar Valley - Q-Tech ®
BIONET: Electrólisis salina + Ionización Cu/Ag Sugar Valley - Q-Tech ®

BIONET: Salt electrolysis + Cu/Ag Ionization Sugar Valley

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BIONET uses two disinfection methods for perfect sterilization of the water, without the need to add chemicals. Automatically generates the sodium hypochlorite disinfectant based on slightly salted water (>3 g Salt/liter). It also uses the ionization of copper and silver (algaecide, bactericide and flocculant) to generate disinfectant and additional flocculant.

For what type of pools?

- They are easily installed in new or existing pools. It adapts to all types of pools and coatings.

- Four versions:

  • BIO 16 - up to 65m3 (private up to 28ºC) - up to 40m3 (private plus 28ºC) - up to 15m3 (public).
  • BIO 22 - up to 100m3 (private up to 28ºC) - up to 80m3 (private plus 28ºC) - up to 25m3 (public).
  • BIO 33 - up to 200m3 (private up to 28ºC) - up to 125m3 (private plus 28ºC) - up to 40m3 (public).
  • BIO 50 - up to 250m3 (private up to 28ºC) - up to 180m3 (private plus 28ºC) - up to 65m3 (public).



- Chlorine generation thanks to a salt electrolysis system (3 g / l of salt) combined with Cu / Ag ionization to improve disinfection efficiency and thus achieve clear and healthy water.

- Control and regulation of pH, Redox and free chlorine.

- Filtration control, lighting, pH, Redox, 4 aux

- Temperature control

- Optional remote control (Wifi + App)

- Use: residential swimming pools

- 2 years WARRANTY.


Technical sheet.

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They called us to confirm that everything was ok, highly recommended.

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Material received in 48 hours,

20 minutes on the phone for installation questions and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

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5 Stars. There are 5 of us and we are very happy with the hot water. After searching for information for almost a month on low-consumption hot water systems, we decided on b. heat only hot water. Delivery in just 3 days from the web order.

Delivery was delayed a day due to the height of the package but then everything was perfect.

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