Bomba de calor Mr. Perfect Inverpad de Aquark
Bomba de calor Mr. Perfect Inverpad de Aquark
Bomba de calor Mr. Perfect Inverpad de Aquark
Bomba de calor Mr. Perfect Inverpad de Aquark

Mr. Perfect Inverpad heat pump by Aquark

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Mr. Perfect Inverpad heat pump by Aquark: Double rotation inverter compressor.

Winner of the IF Design Award 2023

Mr. Perfect Inverpad = Efficiency, design and avant-garde.

  • Latest generation heat pump for heating residential pools throughout the year.
  • InverPad Turbo technology: exceptional performance with the lowest noise level on the market.
  • Maximum operating efficiency (energy classification A).
  • WiFi connectivity included for remote control from anywhere with an easy-to-use App.
  • Operation from -15°C and heating up to 40ºC.
  • Available in 10 models with powers from 9 to 40.5 kW
  • Titanium heat exchanger.
  • Soft start.
  • Double rotor DC compressor.
bomba de calor mr perfect inverpad de aquark


- The Mr. Perfect Aquark Full Inverter heat pump redefines pool heating by combining class A energy efficiency, silent operation and Wi-Fi technology for intuitive control.
- Its modern and sophisticated design not only improves the aesthetics of the pool environment but also integrates cutting-edge technology to ensure exceptional performance and significant energy savings, setting a new standard in comfort and intelligent pool management.
- InverPad Turbo Technology. Ultra-quiet operation thanks to aerodynamic optimization and advanced noise cancellation. Up to 20 times quieter than an On/Off heat pump, offering a quiet environment.
- COP up to 16. Superior energy efficiency that reduces energy consumption by 68% compared to On/Off systems.
- Operation in extreme temperatures. Capable of providing efficient heat from -15°C, making it an ideal solution for pool heating all year round.
- Built-in Wi-Fi. Allows remote control via the InverGo app for easy management from anywhere.
- Sophisticated design. Elevates the aesthetics of the pool environment with its modern appearance and refined details.
- Advanced driver. Intuitive user interface with tempered glass panel and responsive lights for easy operation.
- Titanium spiral heat exchanger. Increases heat exchange efficiency by 40%, improving performance.
- Double rotation DC compressor. Delivers robust and reliable performance for long life.
- EEV technology. Increases COP by 20%, maximizing the energy efficiency of the system.
- Fast and effective defrosting. Through a reverse cycle that ensures performance even in extreme cold.
- Versatile model. Available in multiple powers to adapt to different pool sizes and needs.
- Digital display.
- Refrigerant gas R32.

Technical characteristics:

bomba de calor mr. perfect inverpad aquark piscina calefacción


Bomba de calor mr perfect inverpad aquark

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