Antialgas de choque Destructor de algas CTX-575 - Q-Tech ®
Antialgas de choque Destructor de algas CTX-575 - Q-Tech ®

CTX-575 Algae Destroyer

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CTX-575 algae destroyer is a destructive product of all kinds of algae, even black.


Green algae: This kind of algae trends to remain in suspension over the water, giving a green coloration. Also they used to adhering in the whole surface of the pool bottom.

- Brown, yellow and red algae: All of them trend to stick fast to the walls and to entrench in a difficult access zones. Brown-yellow algae trend to spread over the whole surface of the pool bottom. They give a yellowish colour to the water of swimming pool.

Black algae: Black algae appear as a small isolated spots and they used to placing in strategic points and, often, in a difficult access zones. The traditional treatments are, in general, ineffective for their elimination.


Add 1 litre of product per 30-50 m3 of water depending on the kind of algae and his proliferation. These doses are merely meant as guidelines and may be modified depending on differing characteristics of the pool or climate.


  • Green algae:

    1. Pour the necessary dose of product in a container with water evenly distribute over the pool water surface.

    2. Purge for 12 or 24 hours.

  • Brown, yellow and red algae:

    1. Stop filtration system.
    2. Add the product near the walls, without diluting and distribute over whole perimeter of pool, and over

      other affected zones. Do not exceed the recommended doses.

    3. Let the product stand for 4 hours and brush.
    4. Turn on the filtration system.
  • Black algae:

    1. Stop filtration system.
    2. Rub affected zones energetically with a brush. It is important to break external protection of black

      algae to goes right through their interior.

    3. Add the product over affected zones.
    4. Turn on the filtration system.
    5. Repeat the treatment one week later, if it is observed some rest of black algae.

    The product should be added when there are no swimmers in the pool and during the evening.