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    It must be taken into account that:

    - We spend an average of 12 hours a day at home

    - We carry out activities such as eating, cooking, sleeping, showering and occasionally relaxing and during these activities a large amount of humidity, odors and CO2< are produced. t1>

    We cannot ignore that ventilation is very important for a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. Both in new and existing buildings. And not only at home but also in schools, offices, health institutions, etc.

    In addition to ventilating, it is of course important to save energy. The rules and regulations have changed in this regard. So owners of homes for sale are required to provide an energy label from January 1, 2015. At a glance you can compare the energy efficiency of a house with other houses of the same type. An energy level A is very efficient, while an energy level G is very inefficient.

    It is important to coordinate your ventilation and heating in order to have an optimal indoor climate, without unnecessary heating costs. The best way to ventilate a building is to supply fresh air to each space individually. Especially in well-insulated environments where less heat is required.

    These are on-demand decentralized ventilation solutions that ensure adequate ventilation in the places and times when it is necessary.